“UHNICO for their differences”

UHNICO is a wish. It is the result of an idea of ​​engineering and science raised to its maximum exponent. The production of olive oil has always been an art in Andalusia, today that art has been taken to its extreme thanks to the technical development designed to extract the juice from the best olives in Spain in an unprecedented engineering process. At UHNICO there is no room for chance or chance, we know what we are looking for and we have achieved it.

To begin with, our oil is UHNICO because it extracts the juice from the pitted olive paste, thus obtaining its purest and most intense flavor. The pit is not squeezed or ground in the extraction process, so we can say without fear that we are 100% olive juice. This small detail elevates the resulting product to infinity, as there is no mixture between the olive juice and the seed oil. A marvel that we have copied, yes, we have copied it from the techniques that the Romans used in Hispania to create their oils more than two thousand years ago, those Hispanics already knew what was good.

From there, we set ourselves the following challenge: isolate the air as necessary to minimize oxidation in the oil extraction process until bottling, and from possible pollutants from the mill. And we also get it … We have created a process isolated from any non-oil agent in order to reach its purest state.

We had perfect soils for our crops, a few hundred-year-old olive tree feet of incalculable value in their ripe state to give us an olive out of the ordinary, a wonderful geographical environment, a world-renowned variety, an engineering team that we have taken decades to assemble.

Now we can introduce our UHNICO oil to the world. We appreciate our product so much that we have become even a bit obsessive about it, it is hard for us to let go of it.

At this time we have created a brand that protects and protects our product, and now we are launching it to the world.

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Uhnico has been awarded internationally by two leading associations in the world of olive oil, in their 2018/19 competitions.

Olive Japan 2019 has awarded us the silver medal in their contest. An award given to the benchmark extra virgin olive oils most valued by their expert tasters.

Terra Olivo has awarded us the GRAND PRESTIGE GOLD indicative, which makes us one of the best oils tested by its tasters this year.

And it has also awarded us the “Best label design”, which is the award for the best design and packaging of the oils that have been presented. The evaluation is done by comparing all the oils that have been presented and evaluating the novelty, impact and attractiveness of the bottle.


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